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We have 15 out of 40!


Won't you be next?


Will You Join 40 for $40k ?


Big problems can be solved by breaking one problem into many small parts.

We have the opportunity to do just that in a very straightforward way.


The budget for our new financial year beginning July 1, 2022 projects a deficit of $43,000. It is in our power to erase that potential debt. The budget approved is bare bones, no frills. No more can be cut or the lights would go out. While the debt could be solved by taking money from our endowment funds, there is a better way:


If just 40 people pledged an additional $20 a week for the year (or a new pledge of $20/week!), we can wipe that debt to less than $5000.


The Board of Stewardship is asking 40 people to step up. We know we are all paying more for gasoline, food, housing in our personal lives; but can 40 people make room for an extra $20 a week for our church’s well-being?


If you have pledged before, can you increase your pledge? 


If you haven't pledged before, this is your chance to truly make a difference. Won't you be one of the 40 angels helping to raise $40,000?


CLICK HERE for the 40-for-$40k pledge form in PDF format to print and submit.


CLICK HERE for the 40-for-$40k form I can fill out online.



May the light of Christ shine on you,

Gail Wershing—for Stewardship



Remember, you need not be a member of the church to pledge! All are welcome!



CLICK HERE to read more about what our church does in the community, and why financial support is so crucial, even beyond our church walls.