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Our Mission Statement

We are a Christian community of people who are reaching out to our neighbors, at home and abroad, sharing our faith and resources.

Our History

It all started...

...in 1821, nineteen members withdrew from the First Parish Unitarian to form the Trinitarian Congregational Church in the Scotland section of Bridgewater. By 1836 membership had grown to 120 members and the majority voted to move to the center of town to a newly built church.


That church burned to the ground in 1860 and the present structure was erected in 1862. In 1904 the church changed its name to Central Square Congregational Church. In 1961 the church voted to become part of the United Church of Christ, a new denomination formed in 1957 by the joining of the Congregational, Christian, & Evangelical & Reformed denominations.


CLICK HERE for a full history.

Our Vision

One of our greatest joys at Central Square Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, is welcoming new people into our family faith. Some of us are life-long Congregationalists, but many of us are not. We come from different towns, different walks of life, and from different traditions (or no religious background at all.)

What we have in common is a deep desire to grow in relationship with God, and with others in a Christian community.

Worship Schedule

We invite you to join us for Worship each Sunday at 10:00 AM. If you can't make it to Worship, you can live stream with us every Sunday beginning at 10a.m. using the link on the home page, or going to our Facebook page.


Children are welcome in worship. There are also Kids Church opportunities throughout the year for children of all ages. 


We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month. All are welcome to partake in the sacrament, whether you are baptized or not, whether you believe a little or a lot, no matter what your faith background, you are welcome at the table.


Everyone is also invited to a Time for Fellowship downstairs from the sanctuary, in the Fellowship Hall, immediately following Worship. 


Rev. Elizabeth Stotts


Rev. Beth Stotts joined Central Square Congregational Church, United Church of Christ as Preacher and Teacher in August of 2012.  She grew up in Northern Indiana, graduated from Hanover College with a double major in Sociology and Studio Art, and went on a life-changing three-month road trip ...  CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Rev. Beth's Testimony


Imagine a family in the 1980s with three kids and two moms.  Imagine the oldest kid had severe disabilities and used a wheelchair.  This family was culturally outcasted, two times over, once for homosexuality, and the other for disability.  Now imagine that family attended a church where they were not shunned or ridiculed or criticized.  Instead, they were welcomed and loved and accepted, just as they were. 




Julia Scott Carey

Minister of Music

Julia Scott Carey began her music training at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, where she received the Lanier Prize for Most Outstanding Graduating Senior. She was one of the first students admitted to the Harvard-New England Conservatory joint degree program, through which she received a master’s degree in composition. She received a second master’s degree in collaborative piano from Boston University. 







Jenne Foronjy

Office Manager

Jennifer “Jenne” Foronjy is originally from the North Fork of Long Island, New York, and found her way to the South Shore of Massachusetts in 2004. She is a long-time career administrator as well as an artist (mixed media) and musician (drums and singing).  She greatly enjoys attending concerts and volunteering at pop culture conventions, music camps for kids, and animal shelters.


Paul Holmes

Director of Video Evangelism

Paul Holmes has been in Bridgewater since the early 1980s, and came to his video evangelism role at CSCC through his work in electronics (TVs, VCRs) and a lot of photography. That led him into video work, and into CSCC video in 1991, when Rev. Paul Nickerson would have him record the Sunday worship service, and then Rev. Nickerson would take the recording to the nursing home to show the residents. In 1992, BTV got involved rebroadcasting the services and providing further resources, which has evolved into a great partnership over the last 30 years. Around 2015, Paul began utilizing YouTube for CSCC, creating even more visibility for the church.


Rich Sullivan


Rich was born in the Houghs Neck section of Quincy and at the age of 2 he moved to Holbrook Massachusetts with his parents and siblings.  He attended worship at the Winthrop Congregational Church in Holbrook, and participated in the youth fellowship program there. 


After graduating from Holbrook High School in 1968, Rich worked as an apprentice pipe fitter at the Fore River Shipyard until 1971 when he began his career at AT&T Corporation. 



Diane Sheibley

Communications Coordinator

Diane is originally from New Jersey, but has lived all over the US from NJ to California, and North Carolina to Indiana to New England. She has been at Central Square Church since moving to Bridgewater with her husband Dave and their three (now grown) children in 2008.