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The new Constitution proposal was approved as presented on March 19, 2023. It is effective  July 1, 2023.


Constitution (click here)


The new constitution references four Teams. The "Team Handbooks" are as follows:


Spiritual Engagement Team Handbook 

Property and Finance Team Handbook

Congregational Engagement Team Handbook

Community Engagement Team Handbook 


Officers & Team Leaders, July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024:


Moderator: Anne Malmquist

Clerk: Diane Sheibley

Treasurer: Dave Sheibley

Asst. Treasurer: Larry Brown

Fin. Secretary: Judy Pino


Spiritual Engagement Team Leaders:

1. Denise Molinari

2. Eric Stotts

3. Deb Sorgman


Congregational Engagement Team Leaders:

1. Carol Chaffee

2. [open position]

3. [open position]


Property & Finance Team Leaders:

1. Mark Sorgman

2. John Sharland

3. Dave Hanson


Community Engagement Team Leaders:

1. Krissy Cannizzo

2. Terry Reynolds

3. Diane Glass


Remember, the responsibility of the Team Leaders is to make sure project leaders and sub-teams have what they need to do their CSCC work successfully, to lend support and advice as needed, and to report to Cabinet on the status of these projects. Volunteers are a crucial link to help out with the individual projects such as fundraising, the Thrift Shop, the Bridgewater Food Pantry, the fair, breakfasts, other community outreach projects, Sunday ushering and greeting, Kids church, and so much more. Please contact one of the team leaders to let them know how you can lend a hand. Roles for all ages, abilities, and commitment levels are always available.