What is a Pledge?

Your annual pledge is a promise to contribute an amount in regular payments over the course of 12 months. Your pledged figure is kept confidential. The Financial Secretary is the only person who processes pledges in our church, with the support of our Treasurers (for electronic submissions).


Why are Pledges important?

Pledges, gifts, tithes, and offerings that we receive are what we use to determine what expenses we can incur, and what programs we can support. Expenses for such things as our Pastor and our small number of crucial part-time support staff; our livestreaming of worship; our music program; our Kids Church (Sunday School) and youth programs; heat, water, lights, gas, and other utilities for our church, our church kitchen, and hosting the Bridgewater Food Pantry; everyday repairs and maintenance; keeping our spaces clean; insurance; office supplies and expenses; and of course, our Christian outreach programs. 


When can I make a Pledge?

You may make an annual pledge at any time for a minimum 12-month period or for as long as you like.


I am not a member. May I make a pledge?

You need not be a church member to commit to annual giving. Again, total pledged giving drives our annual budget 12 months, and allows us to plan our ministry. Commitments in the form of pledges are welcome from all.

What is Stewardship?

Briefly, Stewardship is the act of looking out for the welfare of an entity such as our church and its programs and outreach.  Part of Christian stewardship is our directive to gratefully use the gifts the Lord has given us to increase and multiply those gifts for God's glory.


May I have a box of weekly envelopes for myself or my family?

Some people find envelopes a helpful way of teaching their family members about supporting church or reminding themselves where they stand on meeting their pledge. Just call the office if you would like to use envelopes.


What happens if I can’t fulfill my pledge?

There is never a penalty for not meeting your pledge. Life is unpredictable. Circumstances change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Should it become unrealistic for you to contribute as you thought you might, we would always want you to do what is best for you and your family.


A friend said that when he receives unexpected amounts of money, he gives 10% of it to the church as a tithe. Can I do that at CSCC?

Monetary gifts are always appreciated. We welcome the ability to be able to do more for our community.


Can I fulfill my pledge payments online, or do I have to submit a check?

All donations and contributions -- including pledge amounts -- can be submitted via Venmo, Paypal, by credit card, or by using your bank's bill-pay function, in addition to submitting a check. The info and links for paying electronically are on the GIVING page of the website.

• In addition, the Venmo QR code appears in each week's Sunday bulletin, and can be used for pledge and non-pledge donations and other church payments.

• If you want to make a recurring payment without having to remember to do it, and you use online banking, you can use the bill-pay option to schedule a weekly or monthly payment that will be sent automatically.

• You can also use the EFT form from the church to have it withdrawn automatically from your checking or savings account. 

• Giving additional amounts above your pledge is always an option. It seems odd to say, but you are not constrained to the amount you pledge should you find you have more to give, either on an ongoing basis, or on a one-time occasion. Your additional gifts will further help us meet our budget obligations and to support our ministries.

• CSCC receives no funds from the town, the state, or the United Church of Christ. All of the money we have available for ministry and other operating expenses comes from you and from our fundraisers.