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Kids Church at CSCC, 2022-23

(Formerly known as "Sunday School")

We are so excited about Kids Church this year. So many wonderful events and happenings are going to take place.  It will be a year of surprises! This year is being divided into quarters -- we will lead off each quarter with a new fun activity that will introduce the theme. Here is how we will begin the Kids Church year:


September 18 will be CELEBRATION SUNDAY, and will kick off the Kids Church year with a special, fun activity in which all the children of the church will participate. (Girls and boys, you will find out what that activity is when you come to Kids Church that day.) You will also meet your first quarter Kids Church teachers. Children will begin in the worship service, then will be dismissed to Kids Church at the appropriate time, about 10-15 minutes into the service.


October 2nd is another Sunday we are urging you to attend. It is a Sunday all third, fourth, and fifth graders (and maybe more) will receive something special.





We will kick off the Kids Church year with the Spark Program curriculum Activate Your Faith.  The teacher will prepare the children to hear the Bible story, open the Spark Bible, and explore the story in interactive, age-appropriate ways. The children will try a variety of multisensory activities that integrate Bible learning with life. The children will come together at the end of the lesson with a wrap-up and closing prayer.



The second quarter will explore Advent, the stories that lead up to the birth of Jesus. The culminating activity for this quarter will be determined by the students and teachers.



The third quarter the children will learn about Heifer Project, why we participate, how what we do helps other families around the world, and finally we will raise funds for Heifer with the culminating event (and a favorite of all the children), the Living Gift Market.



The last quarter the children will learn about Lent. The children will hear stories of Jesus’ life, culminating the series with the events of Holy Week. How we share that information will be determined by the children and teachers.



Four weeks remain where the children will spend one week reviewing each quarter with fun games and activities (April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14).


We will have a different team of teachers working with the children each quarter. Each team will teach their particular subject area for 7 weeks. Each team will have 3 teachers; one will work with pre-k & K children; the second teacher with grades 1 & 2; the third teacher with grades 3 to 6. The children who are 12 will be assigned to a teacher each quarter. Their role is twofold – to continue learning about the Bible; and learning to serve their Kids Church class and the church according to their gifts.   


For Kids Church to work this year we need your help. We have set up the Kids Church program this year so teachers may attend worship most of the church year: each teacher only needs to volunteer for 7 weeks. Will you volunteer for 7 Sundays?


Each program will have some culminating event. You may be needed for one Sunday, or a few Sundays. Will you volunteer for one Sunday, or 2 or 3, specifically for this special event?


Please contact the church office at office@csccucc.com or 508-697-6016 if you would like to help on one or more Sundays.




All children are welcome. Never been to CSCC before? Please join us! Been to CSCC once in a while, but not in a long time? Please join us! Come to CSCC most weeks of the year? Please join us!