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February 2023

We are a Christian community of people who are reaching out to our neighbors, 
at home and abroad, sharing our faith and our resources.


Central Square Congregational Church, UCC, of Bridgewater, Massachusetts is an open and affirming
church. No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.


From the Desk of Rev. Beth

Rev. Elizabeth Stotts, Pastor


"As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with one another and, if anyone has a complaint against another, forgive each other; just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." 
- Colossians 3:12-14 


Beloved Church Family,  

In US American society, February is the month of love. Christmas Day was barely even over before stores and websites across the nation packed away their green and red decorations for a Valentine's pink and red. Rows of stockings were exchanged for heart wreaths and ornaments were replaced with stuffed animals that sing love songs and dance. Parents are starting to plan what their children will take to school that day for their classmates, and the children of our community are beginning to make boxes for all the valentines and candy they'll get on the big day.   

And so, since we focus so much on love in February, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and focus on it here in my newsletter article, too. However, the love that we see displayed in this scripture is not the frilly, romantic, smoochy kind that we'll celebrate in just a few weeks. Instead, it is Agape love - the highest form of love that is selfless, unconditional, and sacrificial. That is the love God has for each of us, and it is the love that the Apostle Paul is calling us to in his letter to the Church at Colossae.   

"Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience...Above all, clothe yourselves with love." What a wonderful visual. The clothes we wear are one of the first things that people notice about us. Even if you are merely walking past a stranger - someone about whom you know nothing - you can still plainly see what they are wearing. Imagine what it would be like to wear love like that. Imagine how your life might change if even strangers walking by you might be able to see the selfless, unconditional, sacrificial love inside you just as plainly as they can see the clothes you wear.  

From experience, we know how contagious God's love is. We've each witnessed it in our own lives, and we know how it is nearly impossible to contain. We've seen how God's love is multiplied, not diminished, when shared with others. And so, as we sit in this very divisive, hectic, and uncertain time in the life of our country, a time when you may be having disagreements with your loved ones, a time when you may be worried or anxious, a time when you may be at a loss for what to say or do, I would say that Paul's call to clothe ourselves with love is a great place to start.   

This doesn't mean that you can't speak up for your beliefs, for sometimes love means challenging ourselves and our society to be better and do better. BUT, it does mean that no matter what you do or don't do and whatever you say or leave unsaid, ask yourself first if you are working from a place of love. If the answer is no, then make sure you go back to the closet and put on love. It's the one piece of clothing that always fits and never goes out of style.  


Siblings in Christ, you are loved unconditionally by the God who created you, you are loved by your imperfect, yet passionate, pastor, and you are loved by this wild and wonderful church family. I know from experience that there is an abundance of love to go around here at Central Square Church UCC, so let's put it on and share it with the world. 


Love and Peace, 
Rev. Beth  

Tuesday thru Friday, 9am-1pm

or by appointment




Use the link on the homepage of www.csccucc.org to access Sunday worship.

There is also a link to access past services, as well as past service bulletins.



NEXT CABINET MEETING is Wednesday, February 15, 7pm

at the church

Monthly meetings of the church leadership are currently being held in the Fellowship Hall. All church members are also welcome to attend. 


Did You Know?

... that over 300 people watched our Christmas Eve 10pm service live online? Shoutout to our Director of Video Evangelism Paul Holmes, and to our online community!



Do you need a meal, a call, spiritual care, or even just a prayer or a chat?

Contact the Pastor, a Deacon, or a member of our Care Team.


To contact Rev. Beth, call the church office at 508-697-6016 or email her at csccpastor @ hotmail.com. 


CSCC Deacons
Deb Sorgman – debsorgman @ gmail.com

Jae Stotts - jaestotts @ gmail.com

CSCC Care Team
Carol Chaffee
Phoebe Hogg
Bev Mitchell

Rev. Beth Stotts

Contact the church office if you need us!


The Bridgewater Food Pantry, hosted and supported by CSCC, is open Thursdays, 10am-1pm, and the first Mondays of the month, 6-7:30pm (except holidays). All Bridgewater residents who are in need of food are welcome.

If you are a Bridgewater resident unable to come to the food pantry, but are in need of food, please contact the church office by email (office@csccucc.com) or phone (508-697-6016) and arrangements will be made for you.






The CSCC staff would like to thank everyone for the generous Christmas bonuses they received from the congregation. They are all so thankful!





We continue to make it easier than ever to contribute to CSCC. The church accepts donations via Venmo! Aim your phone camera below, or use the Venmo app to send your donation to @cscc-ucc



February 5, 12, 26 (9:15)


February 26 at 10am



Community Breakfast at CSCC
Sunday, February 5 and February 19, 9am


Are you thinking you want to be a part of this awesome ministry? Volunteers are needed. More info at www.csccucc.org/time-talent, or contact the church office.

And invite your friends to eat with us, and those that might like a meal and fellowship. All are welcome!



Coins for Kids Church : February 5


Don’t forget to bring your spare change for the Coins for Kids Church collection on the first Sunday of each month! This helps to pay for Kids Church supplies and teaching materials.


January Book Study: New February Date for Discussion!


Privilege is a social consequence of our unwillingness to reckon with and turn from sin. But properly stewarded, it can help us see and participate in God's inbreaking kingdom. Subversive Witness asks us to grapple with privilege, indifference, and systemic sin in new ways by using biblical examples to reveal the complex nature of privilege and Christians' responsibility in stewarding it well.

Rev. Beth will lead a book study discussion on Saturday, February 11 at 9:30am for all who are interested. She has several copies in the office for those that are interested in purchasing it.

Women’s Guild and Fellowship will be meeting on Wednesday, February 1, at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. We will have refreshments, our meeting, and our Annual Auction. All women from the church are invited to our meetings, and bring friends! Also, please bring a couple of nice items to be auctioned off that night. It’s a fun time!

Jane O'Connell, Co-President

Please plan on coming to the CSCC Annual Meeting, back in person and back as a soup luncheon! Hear from all the boards, committees, and project leaders about all the things that brought us together in 2022, as well as the events and activities that make us a proud community. 

If you are willing to bring a crockpot of soup, or something to add to the buffet, or are willing to say you’ll help set up or clean up, CLICK HERE and add your name to the list. 

The following is needed:
• Crockpots of soup or stew
• Rolls/crusty bread
• Fruit for fruit platter
• Lemonade or juice
• Cookies or brownies
• Help setting up the food and with cleanup


You will be seeing forms to update your pronouns on your nametags soon. As they are received we will start updating nametags. For anyone interested, Marci Langevin will be hosting a discussion for questions once her Mom is fully recovered. 

As always, if you have any questions about the pronoun project I’d be happy to talk with you! You can catch me after church or e-mail me at Katmosher@comcast.net

Kathleen Mosher



The next Feminist Women of Faith meeting will be Sunday February 26th.  Join us for great conversation and planning of our social justice work. Childcare is provided. If you have any questions please e-mail Kathleen Mosher at katmosher @ comcast.net.




January wrapped up our Warmth in Cold Places clothing drive. Thank you everyone for your generous donations.  After distributing clothing at Our Daily Bread soup kitchen in Taunton, we had some items left that were offered to Bridgewater residents through the food pantry. The hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear, and socks were appreciated by all. 

February continues our warmth theme as we look forward to UCC Blanket Sunday, which will be held on February 12, so please keep this in mind as we help blanket those in need worldwide. There will be a special collection that day for Church World Service’s blanket ministry (or CLICK HERE and select "blanket sunday" in the "use this donation for" box ). Every $10 donation buys a blanket for someone in need. Please consider making a donation to this project.


February At a Glance

(There is info elsewhere in this newsletter about each of these!)


Feb. 1 - Women's Guild Meeting & Annual Auction

Feb. 5 - Breakfast at CSCC

Feb. 5 - Living Gift Market after worship

Feb. 11 - Book Study Discussion

Feb. 12 - Blanket Sunday

Feb. 12 - Annual Meeting & Lunch

Feb. 15 - Steeple Sounds Articles Due

Feb. 19 - Breakfast at CSCC

Feb. 21 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Feb. 22 - Ash Wednesday Service

Feb. 26 - First Sunday of Lent

Feb. 26 - Feminist Women of Faith Group meeting


Central Closet Thrift Shop open every Wed & Sat, 10-1

Bridgewater Food Pantry open every Thu 10-1 and first Mon of the month, 6-7:30pm


The initial middle school and high school youth group meeting has been held. We are looking for leaders! If you feel called to be a mentor to our youth as they navigate their place in the world, please contact the church office or Rev. Beth. Meetings are likely to be once a month.

At the introductory meeting, the youth present decided they will have two rules at youth group:
• Be Kind. Don’t judge; talk to others; treat others how you’d want to be treated.
• Be Respectful. Use pronouns; accept diverse beliefs and looks. 

Mark your calendar! On Saturday, March 4, at noon, there will be an archery event for all children and youth at Reedy’s Archery in Middleboro. Cost is $20.

February is a busy church month, so a meeting date is still being discussed. The goal is to meet once a month, either as a discussion group (and maybe with pizza!), or an activity like archery (March 4), a talent show (April 2), or a nature walk (May 7).
Adults and youth that are interested in knowing more should contact Rev. Beth or the church office.


Stewardship is looking for your ideas for fundraising!  You do not have to join the Board of Stewardship to share your ideas with us, and if you have an idea, you don’t have to be the one to head it up if you’d prefer not to. Let us hear what you think!

If you have any questions or comments please contact Kathleen Mosher at katmosher @ comcast.net.

I have a couple of Seuss-isms to share from my newly purchased book.


Be Grateful
When you think things are bad, 
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad….
you should do what I do!
Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you’re really quite lucky!
Some people are much more…
oh, ever so much more….
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!
~Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?


Don’t Be Afraid to Accept Help
I floated twelve days without toothpaste or soap.
I practically, almost had given up hope.
When someone up high shouted, “Here! Catch the rope!
Then I knew that my troubles had come to an end
And I climbed up the rope, calling, “Thank you, my friend!”
~I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew


Carol Chaffee



Anne Chaffee will be turning 95 on February 20. Please send cards and well wishes to her at: 

10 Heritage Circle
#211 Bridgewater, MA 02324

Many of you know that Amazon has long had their “Amazon Smile” program, which donated a percentage of the value of your purchases (as long you shopped through their AmazonSmile link) to the charity of your choice. CSCC has benefitted from this program in a modest way, and we are most appreciative of everyone who participated and designated us as their charity.

This month, Amazon is retiring that program. So in lieu of that, we have created an Amazon “wish list” for things that we use on an ongoing basis at the church -- copier paper, colored paper, paper towels, toilet paper. If you find you’re placing an Amazon order and want to add something for the church onto your order, just go to our wish list and choose something. Or if you find yourself with a few extra dollars, maybe you’d like to send the church a small gift in the form of a needed supply. 

The wish list is live now, and the link can be found on the website under the “giving” tab (www.csccucc.org/giving). Feel free to share the link with your friends and family!

PS - are you involved in a program or project at the church, and would like something added to the wish list? Just let the office know!


CSCC Presents: An Evening with Julia Scott Carey

While the date is as yet unconfirmed, keep your eye out for this wonderful event to take place in the Central Square Church sanctuary some time next month. Julia will be generously donating her time and enormous talent to raise money for the church by presenting some of her favorite music. Attendees are welcome to bring their own wine, or partake of the punch that will be provided, and enjoy some light hors d’oeuvres following the performance, in the Fellowship Hall. There will also be a gift basket raffle!

Stay tuned for details!

The Constitution Committee has been hard at work reviewing and recrafting our church Constitution, to be more in line with how we operate, and how we, as a church, want to organize ourselves to do God's work in the best way possible. The team has reviewed constitutions from other churches, and found one in particular that seems to be a good model for us to construct ours upon.

A draft of the new Constitution is currently available for review, and the Committee, headed up by Moderator Anne Malmquist, encourages all to take a look at it, and provide their feedback. In the coming months, one or more discussion groups will be scheduled so everyone will have a chance to ask their questions, and understand all the ins and outs of the new organizational structure. 

CLICK HERE to see a draft of the new Constitution.

Anne Malmquist, Chair, John Sharland, Gordon Brailsford, Gail Wershing, Sherley Phillips


The thrift shop idea was first mentioned on June 27th, 2022, at a crafter's meeting. Once the seed was dropped,  three of us just looked around the room under the stairs and said it would be small, but could be really cute. It was the size of a walk-in closet, and our merchandise would be pulled from the over flow of our closets, thus the name. The tables found a new home, rummage sale holds were added to our October sale, and warmth in cold places merchandise was moved to its new location. The room was just about empty at this point.  

Connie Chandler, Jane O'Connell, Lynn Pietras, and Gail Wright attended the cabinet meeting in August. We were pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic approval all members showed and we were given the right to go ahead. Our next step was to obtain a business permit. This was easily done at town hall.

People started to volunteer to help us make this a reality. We originally thought a little paint, and washing a few windows would do. Thankfully, Steve Chandler stepped up and became our project manager. Moldings were added, sanding was needed, new lighting was installed. Troy Hubble found two painters from outside the church to volunteer to paint the room once all the prep work was done. Steve then added new shelving, and the room was ready.

Steve was able to find wheels for the rolling racks. This has doubled our space. We pull them out during store hours and tuck them away when we are closed. We've cleaned out cabinet storage space that was being wasted, and made another place to store merchandise for sale. This has sparked others to clean out other areas in the church as well. It's taken us longer then we thought it would to get ready to open, more work than we thought it would be, but it's been a fun project. 

Thanks to Jenne Foronjy for her office help and Diane Sheibley for all her marketing. We also want to thank everyone that has donated merchandise, we wouldn't be able to be successful without it. Thanks to all!


The Thrift Shop took in over $1,000 in its first two weeks!

It's Heifer International Season at CSCC!

The season of Heifer is here, one of my favorite times of the year at Central Square! Our Living Gift Market is the culmination of a month-long curriculum in Kids Church that focuses on the importance of helping others. Heifer has always been so well-received by our congregation as the adults are always so supportive of the children's hard work!  

This year, our Living Gift Market will be held after worship on February 5th.  The children and youth have been hard at work making crafts to be sold. And, let's not forget about the yummy treats! The children are planning some delicious, mouth-watering snacks for everyone to purchase in support of their fundraising efforts. So, bring your appetites and plenty of change!

Please come visit with them and see what they have been learning about! 
Krissy Cannizzo


This year’s Living Gift Market goals:


• Preschool/Kindergarten are fundraising to purchase chickens and bees

• Grades 1-3 are fundraising to purchase tree seedlings, fish and rabbits

• Grades 4-6 are fundraising to purchase pigs, chickens and send a girl to school

• Jr./Sr. High Schoolers are fundraising to purchase a llama


Kids Church: Symbols of Holy Week

The next Kids Church adventure will begin the end of this month, on Sunday, February 26th.  As we look forward, beyond Heifer Project, the next event on the church calendar is Lent. We recently completed the stories that tell the beginning of Jesus’ life. We listened to the stories in the Bible and the story of the Grinch and how his heart grew and grew with the understanding of the meaning of Christmas. We also heard about the wise men traveling, following the star of hope, bearing gifts for the new born King as told on Epiphany Sunday. 

 We are now approaching Lent. The children will hear the stories of Holy Week and learn how each of the symbols they will read about are important. These symbols will help the children remember the stories of Jesus. As the children listen to these Bible stories they will learn how some of the rituals we perform during the church service are the foundation of the church. The stories of Holy Week will begin on Sunday, February 26 and end on April 9th Easter Sunday. More information will follow regarding this unit next month.

Whether they’re “old-timers” and come every week, or are brand new to CSCC (or anywhere in between), all children are welcome at Kids Church! 

CSCC Cabinet Meeting - Minutes

January 18, 2023, 7pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Anne Malmquist, Moderator.


Cabinet members in attendance: Rev. Beth Stotts, Pastor; Anne Malmquist, Moderator; Denise Molinari, Vice Moderator; David Sheibley, Treasurer; Diane Sheibley, Clerk; Connie Chandler, Board of Christian Outreach; Jae Stotts, Board of Deacons; Kathleen Mosher, Board of Stewardship; Terry Reynolds, Board of Christian Education; Barbara Morey, History & Memorials Committee; Jane O’Connell, Women’s Guild & Fellowship 
    Additional attendees: Lynn Pietras 


Rev. Beth opened the meeting with a devotion and a prayer.


Diane Sheibley took attendance and verified that a quorum was present.


November Minutes
The meeting minutes from the November meeting were presented and reviewed. Connie Chandler noted that “Boston Market” was listed as the caterer for the Turkey Dinner Takeout event, but in fact it was “Boston Tavern”. Terry Reynolds motioned to accept the minutes with one edit; Denise Molinari seconded. The minutes were approved as amended.


Pastor’s Report – Rev. Beth Stotts (also see printed report)
Rev. Beth noted that the Advent celebrations with the Grinch theme were fun and included a pizza party to read the Grinch story, a book discussion, and a special worship service led by the Kids Church. She also noted that she worked with several people in the town to help with the Lighting of the Common event, and the church piped Christmas music from its steeple for the event. She also attended several meetings of the bylaw revision committee, and the first meeting of the Feminist Women of Faith discussion group.


Treasurer’s Report – David Sheibley (also see printed report)
Dave reported that the November contributions weren’t great, but December’s were really good, and we’re ahead for the year on total giving. He also reported that the church fair events took in $9,500! The thrift shop also seems to be doing really really well, and he hopes they can keep it up. Over $500 was taken in during its first week. He is thankful that it hasn’t been very cold out, so we’re not spending as much on oil as usual. And up until the end of the year, he only had to take $10,000 so far out of the investments, although he recently took another $10,000.


Bridgewater Food Pantry at CSCC –Jack Melcher’s report
The report noted that December was the busiest month ever for the food pantry with 105 families being helped. From Jack’s report, Rev. Beth noted that traffic at the pantry was up 62% over the prior year.


Historical Church Building Committee – Barbara Morey
While there is nothing new to report, Barbara noted that she has been emailing Gina Guasconi, the chair of the CPC. The town has paid Virginia Adams, the historical preservationist in RI, almost $10,000 to prepare the deed restriction, and Gina’s working on following up with her to get it all sewn up. Once things begin here at the church, we’ll start with the steeple guy. The committee is also pursuing less expensive contractors than the original ones.


Central Closet Thrift Shop at CSCC – Lynn Pietras and Connie Chandler
The shop (which had a grand opening on January 11) has been very busy! They made $500 the first week (it’s open Wednesdays and Saturdays) and $260 today. They have four clothing racks, which they store in the small shop room, and bring out into the Fellowship Hall during the shop open hours. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get everything set up. They provide coffee and pastries for visitors as well. It was suggested that they might want to use the donation bin near the church side door when Outreach isn’t using it, but they said they don’t want anonymous donations – they want to be able to make sure all donations are appropriate to what they’re looking for. But they can use some of the space in that area for storage if they’d like. 


Heifer Project/Kids Church – Krissy Cannizzo’s written report
Krissy sent a report to Anne, who relayed the info to cabinet. On January 8, there were 8 children. February 5 is the living gift market, and February 12 is a Heifer volunteer appreciation time during Kids Church. Krissy noted that the children set the following fundraising/donation goals: Preschool/kindergarten – chickens and bees; grades 1-3, tree seedlings, fish, and rabbits; grades 4-6, pigs chickens, and send a girl to school. [It was also added after the meeting that Jae and Cass on behalf of the high schoolers want to purchase a llama.]


Youth Group – Jae Stotts
Jae noted that interested youth met recently to discuss re-activating youth group. Kathleen Mosher and Rev. Beth were there to facilitate the meeting, and five youth were present. They would like to meet once a month, probably on Communion Sundays. They would like to do activities such as pizza parties, service projects, roller skating, escape rooms, archery, and a summer trip. Rev. Beth would do the “churchy” stuff; and they would like to discuss current events, and have youth group t-shirts. They would like three separate groups: sr. high, jr. high, and kids. Sometimes the groups would do things together so the big kids can mentor the younger ones. Adult leaders are needed! They also defined two rules for youth group: 1. Be Kind – don’t judge, talk to others, treat others how you’d want to be treated; and 2. Be Respectful – use pronouns, accept diverse beliefs and looks. Several activities were scheduled: March 4, archery trip to Reedy’s Archery in Middleboro; April 2 – lunch and talent show at CSCC; and May 7, nature walk at Camp Titicut. 


AEDs – Connie Chandler
Connie noted that the AED in the Fellowship Hall has an inspection log, and it appears it has not been inspected/tested since June. Rev. Beth noted that there is a file in the office of all the AED activity, and she retrieved it. This should be referred to the Trustees for followup. [Note: in the week following the meeting, it was discovered that Jenne in the office has been doing weekly testing/inspection, she just didn’t know to enter it in the log, so no follow-up needed.]


Kitchen Maintenance 
It was noted that a lot of food products are being left behind in the kitchen and go beyond their shelf life. There needs to be some oversight of the cleanliness and the state of the supplies and food. Kathleen noted that the breakfast team will help maintain current supplies and might rearrange things to be more efficient and easier to track what’s current. They are working on systems to determine better control of food and supplies used at the breakfasts. Jenne in the office is specifically analyzing breakfast attendance and use of food to reduce overage and keep things current. It would be ideal if there were a system of rotating out expired food, unused equipment, etc. 


Feminist Women of Faith Group – Kathleen Mosher
Kathleen reported that they had 8 people at their first meeting, and not all of them were from our church (seen on Facebook). There was good feedback. It’s open to the whole Bridgewater area, and childcare is provided by Savannah.


Annual Meeting – Anne Malmquist
Our annual meeting is scheduled for February 12, and it will once again be a soup lunch as well. People are needed to sign up to bring a soup or help with the event. A signup sheet was circulated, and signups are available on a signup genius online (accessible through the website). Anne also reminded folks if they haven’t gotten their annual report in, please do.


Board of Deacons – Jae Stotts
Did you know that 300 people watched our Christmas Eve 10pm service online, in real time? Shoutout to our online community! The Deacons thanked everyone that turned out for the Hanging of the Greens to decorate the sanctuary for the Christmas season. Jae also noted that Savannah is coming on to the Board of Deacons as a Jr. Deacon.


Board of Stewardship – Kathleen Mosher
Kathleen noted that the 40-for-$40k program is staying in place for new members, as a suggestion of how they can participate in the church’s financial needs. She also encouraged everyone to contribute any new ideas for fundraising that they might have, as Stewardship would like to help make them happen.


Board of Christian Education – Terry Reynolds
She reiterated that the Heifer program is currently the theme in Kids Church, and the Living Gift Market is February 5. Following that, Kids Church will be working on Lent, for which they have 3 teachers lined up. The kids will be running the Palm Sunday service. The theme will be “the symbols of holy week”. Denise noted that Advent went very well, and they had 10 kids most weeks, although a number of them were sick the week they contributed to the worship service. But the Grinch theme was a lot of fun for the kids.


Board of Christian Outreach – Connie Chandler
In December, they ran their Warmth in Cold Places drive, and the distribution in Taunton at Our Daily Bread soup kitchen went well and the people were very appreciative. Some items were leftover and were brought back for distribution to Food Pantry patrons. Some items also were donated to the Brockton homeless (L Street Mission) via the collection box at Honey Dew Donuts. February 12 is Blanket Sunday.


Women’s Guild & Fellowship – Jane O’Connell
February 1 is their next meeting and it is their annual auction night.


Fundraising Idea – Rev. Beth on behalf of Bruce Maclay
Bruce suggested that we host an evening with Julia in the sanctuary. Maybe we could suggest folks bring wine, and they can purchase wine glasses from us as an additional fundraiser. Rev. Beth said that Julia said she would love to do it and wouldn’t charge us. The general feeling was that the wine shouldn’t be in the sanctuary, so we could have a reception following in the Fellowship Hall, and we could decorate and light it similar to what we used to do with mission dinners, so it’s inviting. We could supply cheese and crackers, and people could bring their own wine or non-alcoholic beverages. We could have gift baskets to raffle off or have a silent auction with. Rev. Beth made a motion that we move forward with an evening with music from Julia, with a reception following where people could bring their own wine. Dave Sheibley seconded. Unanimously approved, with one abstention. The wine glass could be included in the price of the ticket. $30 for a ticket? Rev. Beth volunteered to coordinate the event. Diane Sheibley offered to help with the logistics of a gift basket raffle/auction, if others would procure the baskets themselves.


Constitution Revision Committee – Anne Malmquist
The committee consists of Anne, Gordon Brailsford, John Sharland, Sherley Phillips, and Gail Wershing. They have been meeting most every week after worship on Sundays. They did a lot of research, and it seems every church is doing this at the moment. One church’s new constitution (several years old) seemed close to what they were aiming at, so they contacted them. They are in Atkinson, NH. They reported that implementation has gone very well. The committee is using theirs as a model for our new one. It defines teams instead of boards and committees and makes the elected commitments much less. It also streamlines the Cabinet; the “office of the treasurer” is 2-4 people, with one rep at Cabinet; 3 core members of each of 4 teams, with 1 rep from each team to go to Cabinet (and it needn’t be the same person each time). The teams would be the Spiritual Engagement Team; Church Support Team; Congregational Engagement Team; and Community Engagement Team. A draft was distributed, and will also be available soon for anyone to review. Discussions will be scheduled for church members to attend for questions and comments. 


Rev. Beth closed the meeting in prayer at 8:40pm.


For the current CSCC calendar of events, click here: CALENDAR


Church Administration
Pastor: Rev. Elizabeth Stotts, csccpastor @ hotmail.com

Congregational Receptionist: Jenne Foronjy, office@csccucc.com
Minister of Music: Julia Scott Carey 

Director of Video Evangelism: Paul Holmes
Treasurer:  David Sheibley 

Communications Coordinator: Diane Sheibley

Office email: office@csccucc.com
Office telephone:  (508) 697-6016
Website:  www.csccucc.org
Facebook pages: facebook.com/csccuccbridgewaterma (main page),
facebook.com/groups/801550253194149 (youth page)

Instagram: @centralsquarechurch 

Venmo: @cscc-ucc

Steeple Sounds submissions deadline is the 15th of the month prior to publication.