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September 2023

We are a Christian community of people who are reaching out to our neighbors, 
at home and abroad, sharing our faith and our resources.


Central Square Congregational Church, UCC, of Bridgewater, Massachusetts is an open and affirming
church. No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.


From the Desk of Rev. Beth

Rev. Elizabeth Stotts, Pastor


As the summer draws to a close, as our community prepares for the start of the academic year, as our children go back to school, or off to college, as we welcome new people into our midst and send off beloved friends, as we celebrate the beauty and bounty of the earth and as we lament pain and injustice both near and far, there is a particular word I have been thinking about, particularly when it comes to doing: BLESS.


There are many definitions of the word bless, but here is one I like: To make holy, to consecrate. To hold in reverence.


In religious and secular culture, we too often hear a spoken or implicit connection between blessing and reward, whether that be the blessing of health, wealth, security, opportunity, etc. Too little emphasis is given to the opportunities we have to do the blessing, to recognize the mundane and momentous moments, objects, and people as holy and hold them in reverence. And yet, the opportunities are all around us. And as church, what better way to be doers of the Word!


Blessing is something that we can do in any time and any place. We can say a blessing over a sink full of dirty dishes, thanking God for these vessels that held the food that nourished people. We can say a blessing as we park our cars, giving thanks for a safe arrival. We can bless one another. In Puerto Rican culture, it is a tradition that children greet elders with the word “Bendición” to which the elder replies “Que Dios te bendiga." The child literally asks for a blessing, and is met with the words “God bless you.”


As we consider this Fall how to be doers of the word, let us also ask how in our daily living we are given opportunities to bless others and to bless the world around us. And we can start here: as you read the pages of this newsletter, whether it is a paper copy in your hands or a document on your computer screen, I invite you to offer a blessing over the words you read, the people who wrote them, and the ministries they describe. May the many opportunities to serve, build up community, witness to one another and the world, and know God more deeply and fully, be a blessing in your life as well.


Rev. Beth

New Fall hours beginning Sept. 5

Tuesday through Friday, 9-1

or by appointment



August worship services will not be livestreamed, but there will be weekly devotions and worship video available at 10am each Sunday. 
Use the link on the homepage of www.csccucc.org to access Sunday worship, or visit our Facebook page.


Past worship services are also available in both places.



NEXT CABINET MEETING is Wednesday, September 20, 7pm

at the church




Do you need a meal, a call, spiritual care, or even just a prayer or a chat?

Contact the Pastor, a Deacon, or a member of our Care Team.


To contact Rev. Beth, call the church office at 508-697-6016 or email her at csccpastor @ hotmail.com. 


CSCC Deacons
Deb Sorgman – debsorgman @ gmail.com

Jae Stotts - jaestotts @ gmail.com

Savannah Wells, Jr. Deacon

CSCC Care Team
Carol Chaffee  *  Bev Mitchell  *  Rev. Beth Stotts  *  Nina Gabel-Jorgensen

Contact the church office if you need us!


The Bridgewater Food Pantry, hosted and supported by CSCC, is open Thursdays, 10am-1pm, and the first Mondays of the month, 6-7:30pm (except holidays). All Bridgewater residents who are in need of food are welcome.

If you are a Bridgewater resident unable to come to the food pantry, but are in need of food, please contact the church office by email (office@csccucc.com) or phone (508-697-6016) and arrangements will be made for you.




We continue to make it easier than ever to contribute to CSCC. The church accepts donations via Venmo! Aim your phone camera below, or use the Venmo app to send your donation to @cscc-ucc




Coins for Kids Church 

Don’t forget to bring your spare change for the Coins for Kids Church collection! This helps to pay for Kids Church supplies and teaching materials. Just put your coins in a baggie or envelope and mark it “Kids Church”, and put it in the collection plate on 


Community Breakfasts Begin Again on Sunday, October 1!

They will be held on the first and third Sundays of each month, and are open to the public. Free will offering is gratefully accepted, but not required. 

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, contact Jenne in the church office. Lots of ways to participate before, during, or after, and without a big commitment, but with much gratitude from the breakfast team.


Women’s Guild & Fellowship Annual Fall Rummage Sale

The Fall rummage sale will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2023. We are looking for donations of Fall/Winter clothing for all, jewelry, glassware, home decor, books, games, toys, linen, shoes, pocketbooks, and housewares.

Please make sure your donations are CLEAN with no rips, stains, holes, chips, or cracks. We will accept items at the church starting Oct. 10.

Jane O’Connell, Co-President

In-Person and Online. Registration deadline is September 16. Visit sneucc.org/events.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 11:15am 
In person and livestreaming


One item of business will be conducted on this day: 
“The Trustees of CSCC recommend to the congregation via the Cabinet that CSCC withdraw the application to the town of Bridgewater for CPC funds for CSCC. Further, the Trustees recommend the Historical Church Building Committee be dissolved.” 
The motion was approved by Cabinet on June 21, 2023, by majority vote.

No other business matters will be voted on at this meeting, unless presented in writing to the Moderator prior to the meeting. That business will be added to the agenda ONLY after an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the attending-voting members. 

All church members are requested to attend. Voting will take place in person and online. Online voting link will be posted on csccucc.org on Thursday, September 21. All voting concludes at 9am on Monday, September 25. 


From the minutes of the Cabinet meeting of June 21:
“It has been a long and difficult process, and it is a constant state of going in circles. They awarded us money for phase 1 [of the restoration of the church building], but have delayed the disbursement of those funds with legal matters, and not providing us the agreements necessary to close the deal. And there will be restrictions placed on our building which we may or may not be able to comply with in the longterm, with no guarantees for money for phases 2 & 3.

The Trustees wish to offer a huge thank you to the members of the HCRC for their persistence, patience, and hard work in trying to see this process to fruition.”

A Message from YOUR Congregational Engagement Team
Carol Chaffee, Kathleen Mosher, and Ginny Young

As we all find our way through our new model of organization, it is both exciting and daunting. Expect us to hit the ground and stroll not run, but stroll we will and with success.

Your Congregational Engagement Team is tasked with engaging the congregation. Simple enough as many of us are already very much engaged in the life of the church.  So, whether you’re part of our viewership at home or you’re present at church, we want you to be fully immersed with your gifts in the life of the church.

During worship in September, we will focus on strengthening our church community.  Do you remember that book that Rev. Beth read during worship this past spring, The Invisible String? No matter where you are, we are all connected by this invisible string and we want that string to be the strongest it can be. We want that string to endure through the hills and valleys of each of our lives. We want that string to be our lifeline when we need it and even when we don’t.

• Be thinking of ways that YOU can best connect with another in our church family.
• Be thinking of ways that YOU can share of yourself with others in our church community.
• Be thinking of that Invisible String and the strength that it provides to YOU.
• Be thinking of YOU and YOUR relationship with GOD and how that best plays out in the community of our church.


Carol Chaffee
Congregational Engagement Team



September 10 marks the beginning of the church program year which historically has been called "Homecoming Sunday" or "Rally Sunday" or "Welcome Back Sunday".  A few years back we started calling it "Kick-Off Sunday" as it is the day that kicks off programs of the church like Choir, or Kids Church, or Fellowship Time.  Many of us spent our summers adventuring and exploring, maybe traveling or just hanging out in our back yards.  "Kick-Off Sunday" is when we come back together to share our stories, connect with one another, and begin new projects.  The Congregational Engagement Team is hosting a Kick-Off Sunday BBQ after worship on the front lawn.  In worship we will share communion with the bread and the cup, at the BBQ we will have communion of our lives; catching up with one another.  Hot dogs and all the fixings will be provided by the Congregational Engagement Team.  If you'd like to bring chips, drinks, or other goodies, you're welcome to.  We look forward to this end-of-summer party!!!


Our Junior Choir provides a way for the younger members of our congregation to become involved in the musical life of our church. 

Children are not required to read music to join the Junior Choir. The choir is a great way to build music literacy and confidence, as well as providing opportunities for young people to express themselves musically and spiritually, while having lots of fun!   

Contact the church office for more info. Registration will run from Sept. 1 until Sept. 24. Visit www.csccucc.org/music for more info, and for the signup form!

Communion This Fall 
by Jae Stotts, Deacon

Communion is about sharing what we have together as followers of Jesus. We have communion, sharing the bread and the cup, once a month in honor of our place in the story of Jesus. In September, we will have communion on Sept.10 which is also our Kick-off Sunday. In October, communion will be on the first Sunday of the month. It is also World Communion Sunday.  On this day we share communion with an emphasis on how Christians around the world share the bread and the cup too. This is a service about unity.  Communion in November is in honor of All Saints Day. During this service we remember all of the people who went before us and paved the way in our faith and in our traditions. If you have questions about communion, please reach out to me through the office. I look forward to seeing you at the table!

Jae Stotts

Hello Friends! 

With Fall just around the corner (we begin 9/10!), we're revving up to another year of Kid's Church. I'm really excited at all we have planned! This year is going to look a little different in that we’re going to try to introduce a couple of new things. We're going to have a Kid's Church altar, more inclusion of music, and hopefully a lot more from ideas generated by the youth of our church. 

We're going to be using the Spark curriculum, which is a progressive Christian curriculum, combined with our usual Heifer and Advent programming to teach the stories of the Bible as well as Jesus' teachings. Fostering the youth of our church in an inclusive and biblical story-based environment is vital in helping them understand not only what it means to be a person of faith, but a member of our community. Please be on the lookout for sign-up sheets for youths in worship, in the Monday newsletter, and on our website. 

Also I am still looking for a few more teachers, so if you have interest in helping with Kid's Church, please reach out to me or the office. Curriculum will be provided for you and we're breaking the year up into sections as we've done previously, so we're not looking for an entire year commitment, just basically a month+ from each teacher.

Our kickoff Sunday is the same as regular church, September 10. Looking forward to another great year!

Eric Stotts


Summer Worship 
by Josephine Stotts

Summer worship was good. We sat outside at the turquoise table and we pretended we ordered food. But it wasn’t food! We were just pretending. The food we ordered was actually questions! We asked each other the questions. The questions were about the Jesus story for the day. And we prayed. I had fun.


Item of the Month: These Fall arrangements are available for only $3 each in September. Once they are gone, they are gone!




Summer is over and Fall has arrived. Come in often and browse the shop for our newest donations. If you like JJill, Coach, Nike, Under Armour, LLBean, Lands End, Pyrex, etc., you might just find it here. We never know what our next bag of donations might have.

Donations are always welcomed during shop hours (Wednesday 10-1 and Saturday 10-1). Currently we are accepting new or gently used Fall Clothing, holiday decorations, footwear, pocketbooks, jewelry, household items, glassware, linens, books and toys. Please no electronics, and limit donations to 20 items per visit.

Fall and some winter items will be available starting in September. A few summer items are still available for $1 each. Our blue ticket items will be half price while they last.  Shown here is our item of the month. These Fall arrangements will be available for only $3 each. Once they are gone, they are gone. 

Thanks to all for helping to make the Central Closet Thrift Shop such a success. It has made all of the work worthwhile. 

Connie Chandler, Jane O'Connell, Lynn Pietras, & Gail Wright 


November 3 - 6:30-8:30pm (Pie Night!)
November 4 - 9am - 1pm

The fair will be here before you know it! And as you know, it’s one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the church. So get your pie tins and baking sheets ready, and start going through your basements and attics!

More details will come in the October Steeple Sounds, but Bev Mitchell is already collecting Attic Treasures in her garage — and she  and her team are especially interested in your Christmas item donations (especially Christmas/holiday clothing!). The only clothing we accept for Attic Treasures is Christmas clothing, and we are in need of yours! Those sweaters you got last year that you know you don’t want to feel pressed to wear again; that musical tie; the elf shirt; and of course, the raindeer antlers. Then there are the super fun Christmas-themed items you got for your kids last year that aren’t even close to fitting this year. We want them all! Donations will be accepted the week prior to the fair, or contact Bev Mitchell to work out other arrangements. 

Attic Treasures will also be accepting housewares, dishes, decor items, games, and toys... just no electronics, TVs, or computers, please.

Rev. Beth is going to this workshop — would anyone like to join her? 

The Barnstable Association has invited Rev. Marie Lucca, a Church Vitality & Growth Consultant, to lead an engaging, energetic, and eye-opening workshop on Sunday, September 24 from 2:00 - 4:30 pm that will explore the religious preferences of each generation and the cultural shifts that are challenging today's churches. As a congregation, how can we respond in ways that are faithful? Rev. Lucca will discuss the worship preferences, communication styles, governance structures, and donation practices of each generation, and will offer suggestions on how our congregation can be more welcoming to younger demographics while remaining true to ourselves. 

Register online at: 

Or contact the church office or Rev. Beth.

Have you ever thought about joining the choir?

Our senior choir consists of volunteer singers. We sing one anthem a week, in addition to an introit and a prayer response. We enjoy expressing our faith and spirituality through a variety of musical styles, from Renaissance to contemporary, spirituals to jazz. Our members have an inspiring love of music, often in addition to sight-reading and musicianship skills, but singers of all abilities are welcome. We rehearse on Sunday mornings before worship, performing in the worship service at 10am almost every week between Labor Day and Memorial Day. If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact the Minister of Music, Julia Scott Carey at juliascottcarey@gmail.com or contact the church office. 


(New choir members are welcome at any time!)


For the current CSCC calendar of events, click here: CALENDAR


Church Administration
Pastor: Rev. Elizabeth Stotts, csccpastor @ hotmail.com

Office Manager: Jenne Foronjy, office@csccucc.com
Minister of Music: Julia Scott Carey 

Director of Video Evangelism: Paul Holmes
Treasurer:  David Sheibley 

Communications Coordinator: Diane Sheibley

Office email: office@csccucc.com
Office telephone:  (508) 697-6016
Website:  www.csccucc.org
Facebook pages: facebook.com/csccuccbridgewaterma (main page),
facebook.com/groups/801550253194149 (youth page)

Instagram: @centralsquarechurch 

Venmo: @cscc-ucc

Steeple Sounds submissions deadline is the 15th of the month prior to publication.


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